Interim Progress Reports going home today 10/6

Thu, 10/06/2016 - 9:18am

Interim progress reports will be sent home with Long Reach High students, today October 6, 2016.  They are a great opportunity for conversation between parents and children, and between families, teachers and school staff who work with your children.  Please take time to read them with your child, look at grades on canvas and ask questions about progress, and support needed for classes.

Note: The message on the report card indicated that October 7 is a non-school day.  This is incorrect, school will be in session on October 7, however October 12 is a non-school day.

Some good questions to ask your child:
How do you feel about your grades? Take time to listen to their thoughts on what their report card represents, and ask some follow up questions about specific classes.
- Where do you see the the results of hard work on your report card? Research on growth mindsets teaches us that praising hard work and encouraging struggle leads to success.  Report cards are a great time to have this conversation.
- Where do you see places that you are struggling on your report card?  This is a great opportunity to look through grades on canvas and see which classes, or particular tasks are areas of struggle.
- What support do you need to continue what is working well and improve in areas where you are struggling? Ask about help they could get from you, or from their teachers, counselor, etc.  We also have a number of support programs at Long Reach that are available to help students with their classes (see below).

If you have questions, need more information, or support do not hesitate to contact your child's, teacher, counselor or administrator.  We are here to help and support.

Some resources:

OutReach Tutoring Program: supporting students after school on Tuesday and Thursdays

HCPSS Connect: for access to student grades and lots more

Contact information for school staff