Yearbook Information

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How do I purchase a yearbook?

Yearbooks are purchased online. Go to to order your yearbook.


How much does the yearbook cost?

We use a tiered pricing system. The earlier you purchase, the cheaper it will be! The book starts at $60 at the beginning of the school year and will go up to $75.


When is the last day I can purchase a yearbook?

Purchase your yearbook by June 10th.


What if I forget to purchase a book by the deadline?

Please contact the yearbook adviser. We usually have plenty of extras to sell, but they will not be available for sale until the start of the following school year.


When will I get my yearbook?

Yearbooks are shipped home to all students in the fall (September/October). All Howard County high schools have a fall delivery so that we can include more events in the book. If you have moved since ordering your book, please make sure that your mail is being forwarded to your new address.


How are senior portraits at Long Reach scheduled?

Senior portraits are scheduled by the portrait company, Prestige Portraits (a part of Lifetouch Portraits). Prestige will mail you an appointment card with information on scheduling your portrait session.


What should I do if I have questions about senior portrait sessions at Long Reach?

Contact Prestige's customer service at 410-644-7700 or 1-800-445-1189. 


How much are senior portraits?

It is FREE for you to have a senior portrait session for your yearbook picture ONLY. Please see the mailings from Prestige for more information on portrait session pricing. Please note that there is a cost for the session in addition to the cost of the physical pictures.


Do I have to have my senior portraits taken at school to be in the yearbook?

No, you can choose to have your portraits taken by an outside photographer. One portrait must be a formal tux/drape pose with a dark or blue background. The other portrait can be any school-appropriate photo of your choosing. Then, email your portraits to by January 1st.


How do I select my senior portrait poses?

Senior portraits taken by Prestige will be available for review and selection on their website. Please look out for their mailings for more information on accessing your portraits.


When are senior portraits due?

All senior portraits must be sent/selected by January 1st.