2023-24 Course Requests Due January 17!

Tue, 01/03/2023 - 4:05pm

It is officially time to choose next year's classes.  All students, even those who are attending High School 13, Hammond, Howard, or any other HCPSS school will need to ensure they have requested 7 credits and 3 alternates.  Even students interested in JumpStart, Work Release, Aiding, and ARL academies need to be sure they have initially requested 7 credits and 3 alternates.

The video demonstrates how to make the electronic requests in Synergy (not Canvas).  Students (not parents) have to log into Synergy and make the requests.  They have between now and January 17 to complete this task.

Students will note that there are several classes that are already "locked" into their list of requests.  These are based on the recommendations made by current teachers.  If the student/family would like to take a different class, the process for changing the locked requests is this:

Parent logs into Synergy.  Parent chooses the child they would like to make the change request for.  Parent clicks on the left menu to select CPR (Course Placement Review).  There is a drop down menu for other available options.  Make the selection and electronically sign in the box, and click save/submit.


As for the other courses that students might choose- we have shared some resources throughout the month of December regarding planning ahead and the available Career Academies and Apprenticeships.  We will be sharing more about electives options when we come back to school after winter break.


All rising 10th-12th graders will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with their counselors in late January - early February.  Of course, you can also email your child's counselor if you have an urgent question.


Here are some very helpful links to visit when thinking about and making choices for course requests:


Video from HCPSS about scheduling/how-to do it


Slides from the above video for your reference


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