Advanced Placement

Long High School encourages all students to challenge themselves every year. The Advanced Placement Program (AP) offers students the opportunity to take college-level courses and exams in high school and earn college credit, advanced placement, or both at many colleges and universities in the U.S. and around the world. By earning college credit in high school and skipping introductory courses in college, your child can save time and money as they work toward a college degree.

Test Preparation

Naviance Login -Login portal for Naviance. Scholarships listed are offered to HCPSS students who are planning to attend college. Please contact your school counselor for any questions.

Advanced Placement Overview - Main webpages for the Advanced Placement tests

Advanced Placement Calendar - Calendar of important due dates and specific testing dates.

Advanced Placement Exam Dates - Specific exam dates for AP courses

Advanced Placement Exam Preparation Hints - Guidelines on preparing for AP exams.

Advanced Placement Central - Dashboard for AP exam scores, news, and exploring more about AP tests.

Courses Offered at Long Reach High

American Government AP
Art III: Portfolio Development - AP
Art IV: Personal Dir in Art Studio – AP
Biology AP
Calculus AB
Calculus C/Multivariate Calculus
Chemistry AP
Chinese AP
Computer Science Principals AP
English 11 AP Language
English 12 AP Literature
Environmental Science AP
French V - AP French Language & Culture
German IV - AP German Language & Culture
Human Geography AP
Microeconomics/Macroeconomics AP
Photography III: Personal Dir in Photo-AP
Photography II: Portfolio Dev- AP
Physics I AP
Physics C: Mechanics
Psychology AP
Statistics AP
Spanish V - AP Spanish Language
United States History AP
World History AP

Reasons to take Advanced Placement and College Credit Courses

“AP opens the doors for students to show…that they can be competitive.”

“When colleges review transcripts and see AP courses…they know that students have challenged themselves. They know that they are really pushing themselves.”

“Many students may be the 1st ones in their family to graduate from high school and have the hopes and dreams of attending college.”

“AP courses level the playing field, and you can see it in the students. They recognize it and think ‘I can do this work as long as I’m willing to commit myself to work and work hard.'”

From “AP Report to the Nation”  2013