LRHS Theater Presents: Anybody for Tea by CB Gilford

Fri, 04/23/2021 - 11:01am

Long Reach Theatre Arts Department presents

Anybody for Tea by CB Gilford

One night only 

Friday, April 30th at 7 PM

Featuring the LRHS Improv Team: Failure to Communicate following the play at 7:30

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Play Synopsis: Detective Dennis O'Finn, investigating the death of an elderly lady, discovers that he, himself, is the motive for murder. Six sweet but slightly balmy ladies are all in love with their bachelor neighbor, the handsome, O'Finn. To lure him to visit, they stage a homicide.

Cast: Lindsay Spar, Justin Diaz, Audrey Ladle,: Grace Drasin, Bethany Carpenter, Myasia Harter, jessica Allen, Kahlan LaCount; Alyssa Ryans; With original music by Music Tech student Devin Knowles.