Updates on Spectator Participation for Fall Athletics:

Tue, 02/16/2021 - 11:07am

Prior to the start of practices, parents received information that was provided as we knew it at the time. As you can imagine, we are learning new information nearly every day and will continue to provide it to you as we receive it. We wanted to provide you with a few updates that we have learned in the past few days.

We are encouraged that based on current County and State guidance, our games will be able to be conducted as planned, meaning that football games will be 11 v 11, volleyball games will be 6 v 6, and all other fall sports will be able to have their full complement of players.

Additionally, we are hoping that a limited number of spectators will be permitted at games but we are still working through those details. Based on current orders by the State, we are limited to a maximum of 250 people at outdoor contests and 100 at indoor. This includes the players, coaches, officials and other essential personnel. That leaves little room for spectators at certain sports, but we are currently working through those logistics. We want as many parents to be able to watch their student-athletes compete as we possibly can allow within the State’s current orders.

We will continue to update our student-athletes, parents and guardians as new information is learned and plans finalized. We got off to a wonderful start to sports this past weekend and thank all of you for your continued collaboration and focus on health and safety so that we may be able to continue with an uninterrupted fall season.

Joe Thomas

Athletics and Activities Manager