Semester 2 Back to School Night, February 2, 2021

Fri, 01/29/2021 - 11:12am

Dear LRHS Community,

We are looking forward to our Semester 2 virtual Back to School Night where parents are invited to meet their student’s second semester teachers!  Please note that parents will be required to log in under their student's HCPSS credentials.  Below is our schedule for Back to School Night.

Pre-Back to School Night Sessions - 6:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Family File/ Intent to Return Support

  • Support/Assistance with completing intent to return form

  • Support/Assistance with updating Family File

  • Google Meet Code: LRHSFRONTOFFICE

Senior Class Updates and Information 

  • Graduation Window/Cap and Gowns/Senior Portraits/Status of Class Activities

  • Google Meet Code: LRHSSenior Class

Student Service Learning Hours & World of Work   

  • Information/Clarifications about Student Service Learning and World of Work Requirements

  • Google Meet Code: LRHS-SSLWOW

Información Para Hispanohablantes:

Period Schedule 

6:30 - 6:45pm      Period 1

6:45 - 7:00pm      Period 2

7:00 - 7:15pm      Period 3

7:15 - 7:30pm      Period 4

Google Meet Codes (Look up your teachers name by hitting ctrl+f - List is below):


Staff Name Meet Code   Staff Name Meet Code   Staff Name Meet Code
Allen, J. LRHS-jallen   Hilliard, S. LRHS-sHilliard   Njenga, L. LRHS-lNjenga
Anthony, Y. LRHS-yanthony   Hills, C. LRHS-cHills   O'Brien, T. LRHS-tOBrien
Appiah, M. LRHS-mappiah   Hopper, D. LRHS-dHopper   Pennington, P.
Arbaugh, E. LRHS-earbaugh   Horner, J. LRHS-jHorner   Pompei, J. LRHS-jPompei
Banu, B. LRHS-bbanu   Hughes, E. LRHS-eHughes   Porritt, K. LRHS-kPorritt
Baum, K. LRHS-kbaum   Jacobs, J. LRHS-jJacobs   Price, S. LRHS-sPrice
Bell, A. LRHS-abell   Johnson, G. LRHS-gJohnson   Reisinger, K.
Bennett, R. LRHS-rbennett   Johnson, L. LRHS-ljohnson   Renehan, M.
Bhatia, S. LRHS-sbhatia   Johnston, H.
  Rhodes, F. LRHS-fRhodes
Bittner, B. LRHS-bbittner   Jones, K. (Sci) LRHS-kJones2   Rice, E. LRHS-eRice
Blasko, M. LRHS-mblasko   Jones, K. (SocSt.) LRHS-kcJones   Robinson, A.
Borleis, A. LRHS-aborleis   Kempic, R. LRHS-rKempic   Rohrbaugh, L.
Broadus, K. LRHS-kbroadus   Kendall, G. LRHS-gKendall   Rowe, T. LRHS-tRowe
Bulkowski-Larsen, W.
  Kim, J. LRHS-jKim   Salvati, T. LRHS-tSalvati
Bunai, M. LRHS-mbunai   Kulina, L. LRHS-lKulina   Sandersen, S.
Butler, C. LRHS-cbutler   Lally, D. LRHS-dLally   Satterfield, S.
Cadet, D. LRHS-dcadet   Lawrence, K.
  Scharmann, M.
Chase, S. LRHS-sChase   Lazzor, A. LRHS-aLazzor   Schneider, B.
Clausen, H. LRHS-hclausen   Learish, B. LRHS-bLearish   Schreder, K.
Corvah, M. LRHS-mCorvah   Leatherman, H.
  Selber, C. LRHS-cSelber
Cotton, M. LRHS-mCotton   Lee, J. (ESOL) LRHS-jLee   Skinner, S. LRHS-sSkinner
Covington, K.
  Lee, J. (Media) LRHS-jaLee   Smith, G. LRHS-gSmith
D'Abreu, M. LRHS-mDAbreu   Lewin, L. LRHS-llewin   Sneller, A. LRHS-aSneller
Davenport, D.
  Lim, J. LRHS-jLim   Stallman, K.
Davey, J. LRHS-jDavey   Lipscomb, L.
  Stoltz, A. LRHS-aStoltz
Dickel, K. LRHS-kDickel   Lucero, L. LRHS-lLucero   Streete-Allen, T.
Dotterer, D. LRHS-dDotterer   Ludovico, J. LRHS-jLudovico   Tiley, C. LRHS-cTiley
Duff, J. LRHS-jDuff   Luna, A. LRHS-aLuna   Toronto LRHS-aToronto
Dungey, B. LRHS-bDungey   Mahanti, T. LRHS-tMahanti   Valenza, F. LRHS-fValenza
Efford, L. LRHS-lEfford   McCown, S. LRHS-sMcCown   Walls, B. LRHS-bWalls
Evans, J. LRHS-jEvans   Mclain, K. LRHS-kMclain   Washington, S.
Faulcon, L. LRHS-rFaulcon   Milak, L. LRHS-lMilak   Weisberg, F.
Flick, W. LRHS-wFlick   Miller, L. LRHS-lMiller   Weith, E. LRHS-eWeith
Flood, R. LRHS-rFlood   Miller, S. LRHS-sMiller   Whiddon, J. LRHS-jWhiddon
Funk-Heiser, W. LRHS-wFunk   Millman, S. LRHS-sMillman   Wiley, C. LRHS-cWiley
Fyhr, C. LRHS-cFyhr   Mininsohn, E.
  Wilkins, A. LRHS-aWilkins
Garrant, R. LRHS-rGarrant   Montag, T LRHS-tMontag   Williams, K. LRHS-kWilliams
Graham, J. LRHS-jGraham   Murphy, J. LRHS-jMurphy   Willis, J. LRHS-jWillis
Hall, J. LRHS-jHall   Myers, E. LRHS-eMyers   Woodson, E.
Harryman, A. LRHS-aHarryman   Nam, L. LRHS-lNam   Yanushka Ray, A. LRHS-aray
Herbers, L. LRHS-lHerbers   Neary, P. LRHS-pNeary   Yip, A. LRHS-aYip
Herrera, H. LRHS-hHerrera         Zepp, J. LRHS-jZepp

Staff not able to be present this evening (check out their video/Back to School Night Information on their Canvas Page!):

M. Blasko - Pd. 3 and 4, K. Broadus, M.Bunai, S. Chase, M. Corvah. K. Dickel - Pd. 1 and 2, J. Jacobs, B. Learish, H. Leatherman, A. Robinson, A. Stoltz