Advanced Placement Program Updates

Mon, 10/19/2020 - 12:20pm

AP Exam Updates

AP Exam Schedule:  See your Collegeboard Account for your administration and review the information below carefully.  Contact Courtney Gilmer with questions (
AP Exam Payments  
The deadline for payment for AP exams was Friday, 4/16.  If you have not yet paid but would still like to take your exams, please contact your AP Coordinator asap to arrange payment (
AP Digital Exam Information 
HCPSS has prepared a Chromebook-specific instruction sheet for accessing the digital testing app.  Students planning to take any of their AP exams digitally at home should read and perform the instructions as soon as possible.  Students that do not currently have an HCPSS-issued Chromebook but would like to have one to take the exams, can contact Richard Smart at as soon as possible to arrange for a device.
AP In-Person Exams
Students who are planning to take AP exams in person should begin preparing by familiarizing themselves with the dates and times of their exams and the specific rules and procedures that will be in place before, during and after their exams.  You can find all the important information here In-Person Testing 
AP Live Reviews!
ALL AP Students can take advantage of College Board's Live Reviews offered via YouTube starting today, April 19th!  You can find the information, programming dates and times here  

Critical Changes and Rationale for the 2020-2021 School Year:

  • All students in an AP class will be defaulted to “Yes” for taking the exam

  • CollegeBoard is waiving cancellation fees. This allows a student to decide up until the test date to not take the exam. Only students who take the exam will need to pay the exam fee.

  • Students who select “No” for taking the exam and then decide to change to “Yes”, will be charged a $40 late registration fee. The fee only applies after the Nov 13th deadline for first semester courses and the March 12th deadline for second semester courses.

  • Students/families will complete a Google Form if they plan to take the exam. Submissions are PAST DUE for first semester courses and March 12th for second semester courses.

  • Information on the Google Form will help AP Coordinators generate invoices and begin planning for proctors.

  • Payments for the exams will be due April 16, 2021. Any student who does not pay by this date will not be able to sit for the exam.
    $95.00 per exam or $15 per exam if the student qualifies for a fee waiver.

  • If students pay early and then change their mind, payments will be refunded.

  • We have begun collecting payments for AP Exams. You may submit your payment one of two ways. You may pay online using the online payment option _______________, or you may send a check directly to Long Reach High School, 6101 Dobbin Ln., Columbia, MD 21045

AP Program Outline for Long Reach High School

First Semester AP Courses

  • Apr 16: Last day to submit payment to participate in May testing.

  • Second Semester AP Courses

  • Feb: Students register for AP Portal using the join codes that AP teachers provide to students.

  • By Mar 12: Students/families complete a Google Form to register for taking the exam.

  • Mar-Apr: AP Coordinators will invoice students/families based on March 12th form.

  • Apr 16: Last day to submit payment to participate in May testing.

  • Self Study/Exam Only Students

Students who are independent/self-study students who want to take an exam for a course in which they’re not enrolled need to:

  • Email Courtney Gilmer ( to notify the AP Coordinator that they would like to take a specific exam for a course that they are not enrolled.

If you have specific questions, please contact Courtney Gilmer (, or Richard Smart (