Important Message from Principal Wasilewski

Thu, 06/04/2020 - 8:17am

Dear LRHS Community,

The tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis earlier last week has sparked deep emotions across the country, state, and county.  I echo the sentiments shared in the message sent by our Superintendent and Board of Education Chair. The pain felt by so many including our school community is deep and real.

At LRHS, we will continue to support our students through kindness, care, acceptance, and by exhibiting patience and grace. We are also actively working to a develop a plan to help students process and cope with these impactful incidents that continue to occur.  I will be meeting with Dr. Kevin Gilbert, the HCPSS Director of Diversity, Equity and Incusion with the other HCPSS principals later this week to discuss how to provide additional supports and ways for students to share.

I am also very cognizant of the continued impact COVID-19 has had on many in our community. Know that we will continue everything we can to support our beloved Long Reach Community. 

Below I have highlighted resources and information shared by HCPSS that you may find beneficial.  Lastly, we will continue to work towards our goal of creating a community of belonging and togetherness and we stand with HCPSS in its efforts to eradicate acts of hatred and racism in our community.  We are One Long Reach.


Joshua R. Wasilewski