Spring Sports Tryouts

Sun, 02/26/2023 - 2:53pm

Spring Athletics Start Times And Information

1. Winter Athletics Start Wednsesday, March 1st.  Below Are Tryout Times And Locations And Coaches Contact Information

Baseball:  2:30 At The Baseball Field (Anthony_Llyon@hcpss.org)

Girls Lacrosse At The Stadium (Carlie_Nethken@hcpss.org)

Boys Lacrosse At The Stadium (Frank_Valenza@hcpss.org)

Softball: 2:30 At The Softball Field (Heather_Clausen@hcpss.org)

Tennis: 2:30 At The Tennis Courts (Jeremy_Hotchkiss@hcpss.org)

Track: 2:30 At The Track (Rosalind_Sheppard@hcpss.Org)

*You may also contact Athletics and Activity Mgr:  Joe Thomas (joseph_thomas@hcpss.org) Or at 410-313-7414


2. Paperwork and Online Registration Proceedures 


Athletic Registration Information: 

Instructions for Sports Registration (additional attachment provided with instructions as well)

1. Go to https://www.hcpss.org/connect/ *Do NOT use your Mobile Phone

3. Login to your HCPSS Connect Portal (Parents & Guardian MUST use the parental login.  Using your students log in info. will not allow you to register); Once logged in, go to the menu on the left and click the bottom option More Options (Family File, Reports Cards, etc.).  ​If you have more than one student make sure you have selected the student from the drop down menu at the top of the page.) 

4. Click on Athletic Registration on the right hand side Menu, select the correct season Fall/Winter/Spring; 

5. Complete all of the forms: Parent Authorization Form, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form, Concussion, please complete all additional documents…Do not skip or leave any boxes blank. 

6. Physical Examination Form: Verification of an examination within 12 months of the tryout date for the particular sport must be submitted in each academic year of participation. Upload ALL pages of the Physical Examination Form.  Older physicals will not be accepted. https://www.hcpss.org/athletics/forms-and-guidelines/ (Physical Forms can be found here to bring to doctor’s office) If you are having trouble getting a doctor’s appointment try this: https://riverhill.membershiptoolkit.com/physicals

7. Upload a RECENT Utility bill (December, 2022 OR later), it must be the actual bill.  Older Utility bills will NOT be accepted.  Utility examples: BGE, Water OR Cable Bill ONLY (Must match address the school has on file for enrollment).  **No Cell Phone Bills will be accepted** 

Common Errors:

· File size may be too big on downloads. Make sure document is under 4MB

· Just because forms have been submitted, that does not necessarily mean they have been accepted

· AAM will go through to ensure proper dates, signatures, boxes checked off, address matches Synergy address.

**Reminder Physicals for Athletics are different from those used to register to attend school.  The Athletic Physical includes a Clearance without restrictions by Medical Staff.

Please, make sure physicals have all signatures (Parent/Guardian, Athlete, and Physician) before scanning and uploading.

**Returning Athletes-If a Student Athlete is returning from Fall to play Winter and/or Spring season and wants to use the fall physical, parent/guardian will need to click the checkbox (option to use physical on file dated) and save.  Otherwise, it’ll wait for a new one to be uploaded.  Reminder, returning athletes will still need to complete permission information and upload a new utility bill.

3. Academic Eligibility for Athletics

For high school, a full-time student earns academic eligibility to participate in extracurricular activities by maintaining a 2.0 grade-point average (GPA), calculated using credit or non-credit courses, with no more than one failing grade for the marking period which governs eligibility for that activity.

*All Students: 2nd Quarter Grades are used for winter athletic eligibility