Student Parking Permit Information

Fri, 03/12/2021 - 2:58pm

Here's the Google Form for Parking. In order to receive their parking tag, students need to bring in a signed copy of the Parent-Student Agreement. 

The parking permit fee will be waived for this school year

Parking permits are required to be on display to park on school grounds during the school day.  Failure to comply will result in administration actions.  Permits will be distributed based on the order submitted of the completed applications with accompanying materials.  Please be aware, should the school system adopt a new revised schedule, we reserve the discretion to consider possible alternative options regarding parking availability should it become necessary.    

Provided are some directions for what procedures to follow:

  • Complete the parking permit application (No Application Fee Required)
  • Provide a copy of student’s driver’s license, the vehicle registration card, and a signed copy of the Parent/Student Driving Agreement to Ms. Curry ( in the front office between 8-11am and 1-3pm when picking up your parking tag.
Submit the signed application materials and copies of the driver's license and vehicle registration when picking up the parking tag.