Senior Class Updates

Mon, 09/23/2019 - 12:41pm

Senior College Night

Attached is the presentation from the September 4th Senior Parent College Information Night. Counselors are in the process of scheduling individual senior conferences and parents are encouraged to attend as this is a great time to get all your questions about the college application process answered.  FAFSA will open on October 1st at We have Financial Aid appointments are available by request with Ms. Velma Green, please call Jodi Quinn at (410) 313-7412 to schedule your appointment if needed. Lastly, more college visits have been scheduled for Long Reach. Please review this list with your child and have them sign up for these valuable college rep visits on Naviance!   


Senior Meeting
(1) Leadership Symposium 11/1 (half day) students can register via QR code or with Mrs. Miller in Room 212.  Flyers will be posted in English classes by the end of the day- I will bring some to Student Services and Front office as well.  They will get lunch and a free t-shirt. 

(2)Senior Dues- $65 dollars until Mid-Terms (then prices go up).  It gets students access to Senior Cruise, Catered Senior Picnic, and a class tee shirt.  Dues can be paid online, or by check or cash to Mrs. Hall in Room 304, or Mrs. Mullinix in Room 335.

(3) Cap and Gown orders.  Students NEED a cap and gown to participate in graduation at Merriweather.  Cost is $40.  Online ordering opens 11/4.  Mr. Murphy from Herff Jones will be available 11/4 on all lunch shifts to take orders and questions.  Extra order packets are available in the front office.
*The half sheets to collect information are NOT essential.  I am sending Mr. Murphy a list of seniors to cross reference.  It is merely to get base information for their ordering.  CAP Size is N/A- they are elastic.  It is best to skip the cards and not stress over them- just pass out ordering packets:)

Heather Johnston is the graduation coordinator, ROOM 330
Class Sponsors are Ms. Hall ROOM 304, and Mrs. Mullinix, ROOM 335

NEXT SENIOR MEETING:  October 21st, Period 3- Cap and gown order information will be disseminated
SENIOR Portraits are today and tomorrow (9/23 & 9/24) students can stop down to make an appointment or call (800) 736-4775.
HOMECOMING court applications are available outside Room 212- due 10/1 to run for Homecoming Court.
HOMECOMING tickets go on sale 10/7 on all lunch shifts.
Senior Homecoming T-shirts are on sale for $12.  Order forms are available in Room 304/335.

Senior Restaurant Nights- Chipotle Oct 15th, Pie Five Oct 24th
Senior Dues are $65- they are OPTIONAL- they get you (1) class night  (2) entrance to the catered senior picnic (3) a senior class t shirt with all the names of graduates on the back.

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Twitter @lrhsclassof2020
PROM- Friday May 1st
PSAT Day is Oct 16th- There is on periods 1-3 that day for testing, Seniors are encouraged to go on College Visits.  Please remind them to bring in a note indicating they are on college visits.
HCPSS releases graduation dates around Spring Break.  WE DO NOT KNOW THE GRADUATION DATE until then.

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