Story Strong at Long Reach

Tue, 05/30/2017 - 11:44am

Some of our students have participated in the HCPSS Story Strong Project this year.  Check out their amazing and inspiring stories.

StoryStrong taps into the power of personal narrative featuring Howard County students and staff in order to build awareness, empathy, understanding, and ultimately - connections. Diversity of ideas, diversity of backgrounds and experiences, and diversity of purpose and drive are common themes amplified across the HCPSS community.

The ultimate purpose of StoryStrong is to unify people to enact positive change and shift cultures by building an environment of sharing, empathy and cultural awareness in our communities and classrooms. Meanwhile, students are building communications and self-advocacy; life-ready skills that they will carry with them after graduation from high school.

All Grown Up

Grace, Class of 2020

Friendship and Resiliency Through Cheer

Taylor, Class of 2020